Festival FAQs

Photography and Video 
While visiting the Old West Festival, you may be photographed or video recorded. These images and video may be used in the future for educational or marketing purposes. Admission to the Old West Festival or its programs serves as permission for image and video use.

Is parking on-site or close?
Yes. We have over 30 acres of field parking located at The Festival Site and parking is FREE.

Admission include all rides?
All rides except the Horse rides included. Horse rides have small nominal fee.

Is the festival handicap accessible?
Yes. We have hard pathways for accessibility. A wood boardwalk lines our shops on Front Street. Handicapped restrooms are available. We are an outdoor event however, and it can sometimes be difficult to get to all areas of The Festival based on weather conditions and other outdoor limitations.

Can I bring my gun?
We are a period event based on Dodge City 1878. In Dodge City, cowboys could not carry firearms into town. For them it was a town ordinance to prevent mayhem. For us it is an insurance issue. Only performers are permitted to carry a firearm. Please leave your firearms in the car.

Can I bring my pet?
No, pets are not allowed at the Old West Festival. Please keep your pets at home.

Should I dress period?
Absolutely! We have a “costume” contest each day at 1pm for the best-dressed patron.

What if it rains?
We are open rain or shine with plenty to do out of the elements. We have Trick Roping, Gun Spinning, a Saloon Show, Melodrama, Magic Show, Stories of the west and more, all indoors. We move the gunfights under the cover. The covered wagon (obviously) and train rides are also out of the rain, just to name a few of the things that will not miss a beat if it rains.  Just bring an umbrella and enjoy the smaller crowds!