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For months, you and your merry band of outlaws have been terrorizing villagers and making a healthy profit by pillaging the frontier towns of the Wild West. You have robbed trains, banks, churches, all indiscriminately, and made quite a name for yourselves. You are now ready for your greatest challenge yet: enter the City Drug Store of Dodge City and make off with the contents of its safe.

The owner, T.J. Mc Carry M.D., is said to keep a jewel of unimaginable value in this safe. If you succeed in stealing it, you will be wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. But the store is well protected by the Sheriff and his deputies. Storming it will be no easy task. You have elected to go in under cover of night. The desk clerk, an old friend and ally of yours, has left clues and puzzles to help you along the way to cracking the safe. Beware! You will only have one hour after closing time to complete your task. In 60 minutes Mc Carry will pass through to collect the night’s earnings and call on the Sheriff to arrest you for your crimes. Will you pull off your greatest heist to date, or earn yourself a walk to the gallows?